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My Other Car is a Tardis

(Updated-See Below)

Two days ago I was driving through my town, and stopped in front of me was a car with this bumper sticker on it. I started laughing hysterically in the car leaving both of my children  to wonder what in the world was wrong with their mother.

All my life I’ve either been very early to the party or very late. This time around I received the invitation, I inspected it, threw it aside because I was busy, and then once I got to the party  extremely late realized why it was so incredibly fun.

This is my analogy of me and Doctor Who. I’m that person. That person who knew of it, saw a couple episodes here and there but never gave it a chance due to other commitments.

Then I was bored one day, flipped on Netflix and said screw it, I’m going to watch it. So I started with the reboot of 2005 with the 9th Doctor. Its stars were Christopher Eccleston, who sadly I can only equate with Jude in which he starred in with Kate Winslet years ago, which disturbed me immensely at the time. And Billie Piper, who having seen her on Diary of  Call Girl on Showtime a couple of years ago,  I’m very happy she has since fired her stylist post Doctor Who.

I was hooked. Immediately. There was no feeling it out like often there is with certain shows, first episode in I was beyond excitable.  Now I’m just at the tail end of this season. A couple more episodes to go. I’ve heard so many fabulous things about the David Tennant(and especially the Matt Smith, which I’ve heard nothing but positively beautiful things about) seasons but I’m determined to stick it out and go episode to episode rather than jump ahead.  Unfortunately this may take a while as I rarely have the TV to myself, or rather the time to sit watching episodes back to back. Though I suspect I will try to make the time while the kids are at school. The best part of all of this is that I have my 15 yr old hooked on the show. Makes me a proud mom.

Back in high school my friend Hollie was a huge fan of the show, I’m talking the 60’s through early 80’s version. I remember being at her house and her trying to get me to the watch the show with her. I tried but my mind was elsewhere at the time.  I’m kicking myself a bit now wishing I had actually watched those episodes with her.

I’ve always been a huge fantasy/sci fi geek so this makes a whole hell of a lot of sense. I just love to pick up on things later than the average human being.

On another note,  life has been a little frustrating the past week. Or rather frustrating/enlightening.

So last I wrote I was having all these issues with my MS.  That won’t change, how I try to manage that I believe will. I’m trying to instill some immediate changes. One of which is thanks to the mind of my 6 yr old. She’s decided that I need to walk to her school to pick her up each day after school.  I was resistant at first. My legs have awesome days where I can dance, run, and do whatever is necessary to get through the day. And then there are days they’re a bit off. It’s just the nature of the illness. I decided to give it a chance and you know what I realized? I’m stronger then I thought I was. I started walking each day  this week to get her. And not just to get her, but each morning after dropping her off I would walk the dog for a little less than a mile. I know this sounds lazy to some, but if you’ve never experienced this bitch of an illness I’ll tell you right now that’s a fucking massive accomplishment to many of us MS’rs. There are some days where getting up is a milestone.

As  I’ve walked each day I’ve felt better. Some of the depression and anxiety that had been taking hold the past several months seemed to let go a little. My kids are off of school for a few days due to conferences and Columbus Day. I decided to push the 6 yr old to a long bike ride(her) and walk(me).  She loved it and I admit it felt amazing to put my legs out there again.  She kept riding so far ahead of me, teasing me, saying ” you’re never going to catch me” that I would have to run after her. And each step I took felt better then the last.

I made a pact with her when we got home that now until it snows that unless we have bad weather I will walk to get her and we’d walk home from school.

Four years ago I did the MS walk. I was living in Oak Park at the time and the closest neighborhood to us that was doing it is the one I just happen to live in now. I remember walking about 4 miles that day. And feeling amazing. I said that day that I would do this every year until one day my legs completely fail me. Sadly there were a couple things that got in the way the last couple years, but after the hell I’ve been through with these legs this past year I didn’t realize how much I took them for granted.

So this next May I’m doing the walk again. As much of it as I can.

On the MRI front- Insurance wouldn’t approve it unless I saw the Dr. The Dr. said she’d try to fight for me but that it would be impossible since she hadn’t seen me in so long. She also went on to tell me(via phone) that  she didn’t see why I wanted one considering the fact that I’m still so anti-medication. Even seeing me for an office visit would be a waste of my time.

Try to picture my facial features at this time because let me tell you I was sucking my cheeks in and my eyes were bugging out of my head. I was a bit pissed off. I mean I am allowed to come in for a long overdue checkup as a patient am I not correct? There’s no need to make me feel like something less than.

I was angry but said fine, we’d discuss them.  I made the appointment. And then made the MRI appointment for a few days following.

Then things came up this week. So I had to cancel them. And the reality is, she’s right. I’m not going to go on any of the ABC drugs or any of the new ones such as Tysabri or Rebif. I don’t dig the side effects. I know this is controversial, so I’ll stay there for now. I’ve gone 20 years with very little medication and I’m hoping to go many more without them.

(Update-I received a letter from my insurance company this afternoon. They went ahead and approved the MRI’s. So I don’t need to see the Dr to take them. So now I get to reschedule them for this week. I just want to see where things are with the lesions, which is why I’m so determined to get them)

The crappiest part of last week was realizing that with all the weakness I was experiencing , I canceled my  dance/burlesque classes. I seriously cried that morning when I decided that waking up early and rushing to a train each Saturday morning was going to be hard on my already taxed system.  As you probably read I was looking so forward to these classes. I couldn’t wait. But I knew I couldn’t do it until I was able to repair my system and my body.

I emailed the owner of the company and explained what was going on. I knew they didn’t offer refunds. So I figured I’d take some time to heal and take the class in the winter. She however emailed me back a couple hours later completely understanding and wished me good health, and said she would refund me immediately. And she did.

And for that I’m grateful. I felt like I gave up a dream when I canceled the class.

However,  I’ve decided to get back to some basics and that starts with getting myself healthy , or rather stronger and then trying again once I can. Which I know with my determination won’t take long.

Over the last few years I think I gave up and just tried to get by. Now I know that’s not good enough. I can be either the most outgoing and determined, or the most complacent human being alive. For now I’m reverting to that determined part.

I want to work on the strength I had before this illness started kicking my ass a bit. I may have good days, I may have bad.

Stay with me.


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I don’t even know what to say. I haven’t been myself lately. It’s getting worse and worse.

I went from having very few flares for years to having way too many in one year. Summer was ridiculous.

And since summer I haven’t felt like me. When both kids were in school full-time this fall I should have had all this energy, used my time wisely to get all these projects around the house done that I had been dreaming about doing for a year or two. I should have started working out at the gym several days a week like I had planned. No more excuses.  I was going to start planning the classes I wanted to take after christmas in library science at the local community college.

None of that  has happened. Most days I’m happy if I can manage to sweep the floors, vacuum and get the dishes put away. Maybe fold a couple of loads of laundry and pay the bills. This is aside from taking the kids to where they need to go after school. During the day I’ve just felt…nothing.

Of course there have been days where I have a decent amount of energy and get everything done that needs to be done. Most days however have looked like the above for the last six weeks. And it’s making me feel less of a person.

The MS has been weird. It’s not that I have worsening symptoms, it just seems like it’s brought upon this new symptom I’ve never had with it before: Apathy. Depression. Severe Fatigue.

I’ve read about them. I know that there are so many others like me who have experienced these. I just haven’t until now. And I get it now. I spend way too much of my time crying over nothing. It just happens. These spontaneous tears.

My legs are always cold. Not in the ” I need to wear pants” cold, but “they feel dead to me” cold. Sometimes they feel heavy. Today I made myself walk the dog a few blocks. Despite the fact that it felt like I was dragging around two 50 lb weights instead of just moving my feet. I could barely make the four blocks. I wanted to go to sleep. Which I did do when I came home. It lasted about fifteen minutes, on the couch. And wasn’t worth it.

I have constant pains that shoot through my left arm and hand. My eyes have been feeling off and sometimes I see purple or white spots. Not sure what that is. I forget things all the time. I feel like everything I need to take care of requires a herculean amount of strength and energy. And often that makes me not want to do them.

I try. Don’t get me wrong I try. I like to keep my house clean. It doesn’t have to perfect(son’s room-I’ve stopped fighting him) but I don’t like a lot of clutter or dust. However I’ve lost interest in trying to make it super clean like I used to. I’m trying to adopt the attitude that sometimes you just have to let things be and live life. Or take naps on the couch.

Everybody is fed and clean. Bills are paid and homework is done. But for me, I’m done with me.

I broke down and called the neuro last week. I haven’t seen or talked to her in almost a year and a half. I have an aversion to dr’s these days, mainly due to how they always seem to want to be paid.

They scheduled an appt with me for two weeks from now. Then when the dr heard I was coming in and why(I happened to mention that pesky issue of an extreme amount of flares in the past year) she had them call me back to say she wants MRI’s done NOW and as soon as they are done she will fit me in. Okee.

So after dealing with some silly scheduling issues I’m getting those done this week. Happy freaking Birthday to me! Yes, it’s my birthday this week. And I have zero interest in celebrating it. Tuesday birthdays just seem wrong.

I’m a bit nervous. Never have been with MRI’s before. My mother asked me today why the hell I needed to get them done, after all they’re just going to confirm I have the MS. I tried not to roll my eyes while on the phone with her(though I was a bit pissed after hanging up), and tried to explain that sometimes other things can show up on these MRI’s. Maybe something that could also explain the horrible migraines I’ve been having. Or why sometimes my hips/lower back suddenly feel out of whack. It’s necessary. And I haven’t had them in a long time.

And because I’m curious to see if my lesions have increased. Because if they haven’t after all this I’m going to be REALLY fucking surprised.

I’ll see the doc early next week. And the following week I get to see my regular dr for a checkup and to discuss why I don’t get along with pretty much any food anymore. Apparently my stomach has gotten in on the attack and is pissed most of the time.

The crappiest part out of all of this is my classes start this saturday. I might cancel them. I sat down this morning crying because I’m tired of one day waking up feeling fine and the next day feeling like I was hit by a truck. J is trying to talk me out of this, he wants me to give it a couple more days and maybe my lack of sleep lately has a lot to do with this(the insomnia issues). He might be right. But I keep feeling that maybe I need to wait until I’m a bit more stable physically/emotionally. Because right now the physical has given way to the emotional. Which I absolutely despise.

I don’t know we’ll see, I’m giving it two more days.  I was looking forward to these for so long. I know deep down if I did cancel them I’d be angry at myself later, so I’m going to attempt this sleep thing all week and hope that come saturday morning I’ll be on a train into the city.

I’ll let you know next week when I come back with the results from my MRI. Wish me luck.

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Quiet Time

That seems to be the condition my brain is operating in. I feel like I have a lot I could write about and at the same time, so little.

Life has been pretty boring lately. At least boring to the general blog public I would assume.

There have been health issues(yeah, big surprise), kid issues, car issues, house issues, school…The list could go on. It’s basically been the usual list of suspects that happen when you own a house, raise two kids and deal with an illness that frequently likes to mess with you.

There is one very big, one very awesome thing going on right now but it’s a bit of a secret. I’m fearful that if I say anything before everything is finalized it won’t happen. So I’m just going to be super happy but terrified for the next three weeks until I get the ok not to be worried.

I could just try to list everything in brief that was my semi-exciting and annoying week that was the last one:

-The heat was a horrendous bitch on Labor Day and I almost passed out at the local fair. Yeah that was fun. My MS then decided to be horrendous for most of the week after that. Add some weird stomach problem where the idea of food made me angry for three days and a mild sore throat. Last week was a blast I tell you.

-The kid’s meds were briefly adjusted for a few days. I say briefly because the intention was there to lower one of them finally but the reaction we had was fairly immediate and extremely frightening and the Dr put him back to the regular dosage. I won’t go into major details but I almost called the cops on the kid and he whipped me in the face with a pair of his underwear. Thankfully they were clean. And all is well now by the way, the Dr. apologized to me for not mentioning there would be a reaction that quickly. ugh.

-I was dealing with some depression issues that stemmed from being sick so much this past few months. It hit me really hard last week and the idea of doing anything but sitting on the couch with a book or at the computer really didn’t interest me. I wasn’t myself and it was really disconcerting. This happens from time to time and I know it mostly kicks in hard when there have been flares from the MS. The depression and flares seem to go hand in hand.

-I keep have qualms about taking the burlesque classes. With everything that’s gone on physically I’m scared silly now about putting myself out there and looking like a total idiot. Though one of the local performers who’s really awesome has been talking with me a bit here and there via message and she’s had a lot of encouraging words in general(that and she read my blog and liked the pets piece). And just knowing that she’s been taking the time to be super awesome friendly with me has just made me crazy happy. I guess sometimes in this world when everyone is often so self-involved, when someone just happens to be really down-to-earth and nice it throws you off. In a good way.

– The election season is just making me boil. I want to leave the country for the next couple months and just bury my head in the sand until it’s over and the outrage(from whichever party lost) settles down. I feel like this country is more divided than ever. Family member against family member, friend against friend. And it sucks. Sorry I can’t come up with a more eloquent word to describe it, that’s really the only thing that pops into my head.

-Amy Poehler & Will Arnett split up. WTF?? I know I shouldn’t be disappointed in a celeb marriage breaking up. But they’re both so freaking awesome(though I’m a huge Amy fan, so I like her a bit more than Will) and so cute together and they’re just hilarious. And it just seems so wrong. Which apparently is the reason why so many news outlets and entertainment sites echoed the same thoughts as mine for the last few days. They’re just too cool together to split up. Fuck. If those two crazy kids can’t make it, who can?

-We went to Michigan for the weekend to see some old friends. Very good friends that we never get to see anymore. And being with them just made my day/weekend/life. I didn’t realize just how much I missed having them around until we were together. Saturday night was much-needed. My favorite part was seeing Josh reunite on (a) stage with Derek. They’ve always been so amazing together and I miss seeing them play since Derek & family have been in Portland. I also forget how much I love seeing Josh play. I don’t get to see his new band play that much due to their inability to schedule a show on a weekend, and my inability to get a babysitter.

My favorite part of that night was late night when everyone(including friends of our friends that I’d never met) hung out around the fire pit and J & D sat there with guitars in hand and sang. It was just splendid and warmed the cockles of my heart.

Es has a best friend in H, our friends son. The two of them just adored each other at first glance. They played a bit when they were toddlers before our friends moved to Michigan. The two of them were attached at the hip for the next 20 hrs. And it dawned on Josh and I the next day in the car ride home that we’ve never seen Es with another kid for so long and not fight/argue even ONCE. Blew our mind.

This weekend made me miss the days before the others moved away from here. I’m just happy we had a chance to really reconnect and decided to make more of an effort in getting together from here on out.

– Es started karate lessons, lessons she won in a raffle at the labor day fair we went to. Hilarious part is that they’re taken in the same building as the gymnastics company that she won free lessons from in the raffle last year on Labor Day. Kid has some insane luck I tell you. She took to it quite well. First one was a private session with one of the company owners to see how she liked it. She took to it really well. Es needs some major help with focusing and body coordination so watching her take to this and actually learn something immediately thrilled me. She also was told to stomp on a board and when she did she broke it in half which stunned and excited her. The woman never told her she might do that. Tonight she ran around yelling “Hiii YA”

-One of my proudest parenting moments occurred the other day when C informed me he’s positively addicted to Dr. Who now. I made him watch an episode the night before because I was sick of him watching One Tree Hill and Smallville reruns on Netflix. That afternoon while I was gone he watched three more and said he can’t stop. Nice. Makes mama proud.

-I discovered Tumblr. I knew it existed, another blogger told me I should try it, so I did. Damnit. This is going to suck up a lot of my life I can feel it. And then I showed my friend Erin. Now she’s mad at me because she too senses this is going to be one hell of a time suck. Oops, sorry.

-Aside from my stupid birthday coming up at the end of the month(I’m pretending that I’m no longer aging) there are two great events coming up in the next two months. One is our anniversary in October. We’re going to another burlesque show and then staying in the city. I’m psyched. We did this last year and decided it should become a tradition.

-The other is I’m taking Erin to see Amanda Palmer in November. I’m excited. I have these crazy mixed feelings about her methods sometimes in her self-promotion, but in the end I love her dedication to the arts, and how free she is to be who she is. She doesn’t give a damn what people think, which is rare in the music business. Also she really does love her fans. She’s also out there with her creativity in a way that can at times be extremely moving, but also frightening. The latter is her new video for her new song “The Killing Type”. In one instance it’s very intense and moving, the other bloody and grotesque. But you can not help but watch it again and again. The lyrics are why. Anyways, it’s my first time seeing her and I just hope it’s everything I think it will be.

Her new album came out yesterday and I was so incredibly shocked with how much I loved it. I know this sounds positively bizarre seeing that I claim myself as a fan. The thing is I love her music but not all the time, there’s never been one album she’s done that I’ve loved the whole damn thing. I’ve never been emotionally struck down by her music as I’d been with this one. Half of it was just so moving and depressing, the other half brought me back to my days of being 16 and dancing at Medusa’s club in Chicago and trolling Belmont with all the other kids like me. I was a bit of a Goth/punk rock kid.  The music she created on this album takes so many amazing elements of the new wave/ punk music that was out during that time, therefore there are songs that instantly transport me back to 16(mid 80’s, let’s leave it at that).

I haven’t stopped playing it the last 24 hrs. It’s been a long time since I’ve done that with an album. A VERY long time. So this makes me more excited for her show coming up, I should probably warn my friend that I may revert to 16 yr old me when she plays a few of these songs. This album makes me just positively love her now instead of having these love/hate feelings.

I also found myself somehow embroiled in a big argument online today over a very incorrect article that has been printed over and over today over how she’s treating musicians on her tour. It’s amazing how much can be so erroneous and misunderstood by so many so quickly. This is one reason I hate the internet. Also the fact that my twitter blew up for two hours as some(including one in her camp) agreed with me and others kept going around and around in a circle.

Today made me miss writing about music. Something I used to love to do but somehow lost my passion for several years back. Today made me think it might be time to start writing about it again, and if I weren’t so tired I’d irritate some more people on the internet and go into detail over this whole debacle.

-I might be taking a break from writing for a week. There are so many things coming up that are going to be taking up my time around here that I need to concentrate on, and I don’t think I need to bore everyone with the details of the cleaning out of our garage.

Until then…

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Back to Me

As sung by the wonderful Kevin Whelan of the wrens, I’m back to me.

First I started this blog after sitting on years of ideas and thoughts, not to mention major anxiety from holding in so much. And today I finally did something that I’ve wanted to do for years but didn’t have the balls to do.

I signed up for burlesque dance lessons. At the school of the one & only Michelle L’Amour, who is one of the worlds biggest burlesque stars and who is from, and still lives in, Chicago.

I’m excited. But I also felt the overwhelming desire to throw up after I hit the button that paid for my class. I haven’t danced in years. Unless you count my family room.

I know so many people have zero idea what’s involved in burlesque and may equate it with the strippers you see wearing absolutely nothing and sliding down a pole. This is NOT the same thing.

Burlesque as an art goes way back, with origins reaching into the Victorian age. Once it became popular in America in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s it was more of a cabaret act and while in it the women in these acts are not always fully clothed, there’s more of an innocence to the dances that are performed. It’s all about the tease, the peek-a-boo. It’s not the, overtly sexual desperation you come across in “gentleman’s clubs”.

Modern burlesque shows are carefully orchestrated and thought out. The women are glamorous and come in all shapes and sizes, which is one of my favorite things about it, it showcases that all women are beautiful how they are.

Burlesque shows involve drama, comedy, song and of course the women. Some even incorporate magicians. They’re really a celebration of the arts and the fantastic.

I first became fascinated by the art as a teenager. I can’t pinpoint exactly what made me fall in love with the idea of it, it may have been the movies I had seen or the books I had read. However, I found it extremely intriguing that women could be this free with their bodies and it was beautiful.

When I was in my early 20’s I finally had the chance to go to New Orleans, the city I had been dreaming about visiting since I was a kid, and when I was there I had the opportunity to take in two burlesque shows. They were electric, and my love for it was truly born.

Years passed of course and it was something I was always interested in. Keep in mind that most of my life I have been involved in either theater, dance or music so none of this is a complete surprise.

Dita Von Teese really helped bring the modern burlesque revival into the mainstream over the last ten years. And of course Michelle L’Amour. I had been dreaming about getting into the business for a long time but it really didn’t fit my stay-at home-mom status in the suburbs. If you know me, you know I’m not the normal suburban woman. Which is ok, I salute all moms from all over.

Last year we started going to some of the Chicago shows. There are so many different companies that sprung up, Chicago has truly become a driving force in the revival. There were a few dancers that stood out to me in these shows, dancers that had that energy, that spark. And I wanted to be like them. But I’m out in the suburbs.

It was after we went to see the Chicago Starlets(Michelle’s company) in december that I was just on fire. We had the luck of having front row seats, where I practically sat underneath Michelle as she MC’d the first half of the show. All I knew was I so badly wanted to be on that stage. I told my husband that night on the way home “I HAVE to do this”. And he understood.

Sadly I broke my toes around the time the winter classes were beginning so that was out of the question. Then the other health issues popped up in spring, and well summer’s just plain been a bitch.

I was feeling sorry for myself that I’ve never truly been able to pursue anything for ME. Josh has his music, his band.

A couple of weeks ago I was checking the events on a local company’s page. The two dancers that really made me want to do this? They were performing the same night with this company. Talk about luck! I called the husband and told him I’m getting a sitter and tickets and we’re going. And so we are. That’s next week. And I’m super excited about it.

I was looking at the local burlesque site, Chicago Burlesque, today and I had put on some music and just started working out routines to the songs. I stopped in the middle of one and said “Fuck this”. I texted J and said I’m booking a class.

It was time for me to stop saying I’m going to do something and actually do it. Life is short and I’m tired of setting aside my interests and dreams.

So I found the class I wanted and paid for it. It starts next month.

When Josh told me  today how proud of me he was for finally doing this, it made me tear up. It’s true, I don’t ever do anything for me. It was time.

I tweeted something today about taking my first class with Michelle’s company  and how excited and nauseous I was about it. A few hours later I saw that she came across it and told me not to worry I’ll be great. That made me smile like nothing else.

My goal is to get through the first course and keep going into the next, and the next.

I want to be up on that stage within a year with a company.

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It Must be Tuesday


I promised so many wonderful things and this is all you get. If I had a proper laptop with me while in the mountains I would have published the three things I was writing, but by mid last week I decided they outlived their relevancy so I scrapped them. This left me with nothing.

Last week I was also dealing with the come down from traveling and getting my life & house back in order. I made my kids run a million errands. The heat was unbearable again so I damn near held them hostage in the house all week. My husband worked long hours and I was pissy.

To be honest I don’t remember a lot of last week. Most of our plans fell through. And I started watching the calendar with a crazy amount of glee.

The kids go back to school in a week. Yes, a week. We’re crazy here in the suburbs of Chicago. That’s ok with me, I’m done with summer and my kids are bored with me and each other. Today I considered selling them on Ebay quite a few times. The teenager was such a thrill to be around and the 6 yr old found it her duty to scream like a C horror movie actress at every and any chance she could get today. It was just plain awesome. And I even took the little monsters to the local beach(man-made pool that probably every local kid has peed in at some point this summer).

I’m supposed to be up in bed right now but that isn’t happening. I was sidetracked by “this”. I have my son’s HS registration tomorrow. Where I’m going to go in fuming because I dropped the ball and didn’t read his schedule properly when it was sent to me two months ago. Yes, so I’m going to be the asshole tomorrow. See, how was I to know(unless I dig out the long ago stuffed in a drawer course book) that they stuck my kid with ADHD & Aspergers, but who is fully functioning, in all special ed classes despite my calls and our meetings with them arranging he only be in two. Hmmm. So of COURSE I figure this out tonight and have to arrange to have the 6 yr old to hang with her friends tomorrow so I don’t drag her easily irritated self with me while I calmly(snort) discuss(steam) over this with the people at the school tomorrow. Deep breaths, Deep breaths. This is partially my fault, but honestly unless you have the course book nearby(mine was stuffed in a drawer under a million pieces of paper for three months)you could be signing off on anything.

So here we are. Tomorrow will be fun. My kid already thinks I’m a badass. Seriously, he does. He not only thinks I’m the funniest person alive(well I do have a flair for the sarcasm) but also that I’m pretty tough when I need to be. Sounds pretty good to me.

Oh, and I stopped drinking on sunday! Figured I’d give up wine for a few days. Then I started getting awful headaches the last three and decided just maybe the lack of wine was the reason. Is that not sad or what? So I gave in tonight. So yeah, it must be Tuesday. And a cat just walked in front of my monitor because he still thinks it’s ok to climb on the desk while I’m writing. He’s lucky I love him because many of these words almost turned out wrong. Nah, who am I kidding. I can type in the dark if need be.

Other notable things that happened in the last week:

  • Took my kid and her friend to the movies saturday. Brave. Kid has seen it before, didn’t flinch. A half hour until the end I had my kid in my lap screaming and her friend clinging to me for dear life. I had to laugh. During this time I check the radar on my phone because I knew a storm was coming in. I look and it was almost on top of us. We had 30 minutes left to the end, if that. I can’t drive in storms. Rain yes, storms no fucking way. So I’m texting my friend Jess to ask her if it’s coming in, and notice her texting at the same time(cue Twilight zone music). She tells me it’s getting scary out before I can ask if it is. She tells me if it starts to come down she’ll come get us(her kid is part of that us). I kind of ask if her husband can come so my car doesn’t spend the night in the parking lot of the cheap theater. Of course she says. 15 minutes later we walk out to a pitch black sky and rain/wind arriving in a fashion that calls to mind a hurricane. If you heard of the storms in Chicago saturday, yeah this was that storm. Jess and her husband showed up 10 minutes later and she drove my car & us and he drove theirs. By the time we were three blocks from home it ended. All I have to say about this is that I love having good friends out here and one who can damn near read my mind. Took me a while to meet some people who I really clicked with, and once I did I was grateful. You know who you are.
  • I won’t be a snob and say I never watch tv. Hell one of my dream jobs is to be a Tv Critic. I hate however when I pass over a new show and then one day get the dvd and discover it was one of the best shows I’ve seen in a while. The past 24 hrs I just plowed through the first season of Scandal. Soo damn good. So damn good. I honestly can’t wait until season 2 next month. And I love seeing Joshua Malina on my screen. I had a crush on him when he was on Sports Night, The American President, West Wing, and anything else Sorkin has made probably. I know Sorkin didn’t make this, but still. I have a weakness for the kind of geeky type, I have ever since high school. And Josh Malina fits that description.
  • I love Burlesque. Yes I do. And no it’s not the same as stripping so shush. I love the glamour, the comedy and how dedicated the dancers are. Most of the ladies are artists/writers/comediennes/designers. There’s no dancing around a pole. The performances are very thought out, drawn out and the art goes way back folks. And it’s made a huge comeback in the last 10 years or so. I’ve been appreciative of it since I was a teen. Lately, just plain obsessed. We haven’t been to a show since Christmas time. And we’re going to one in late August because two local artists/dancers who I’ve come to admire, who’ve inspired me to want to learn the art, are performing the same night. Can I say the minute my babysitter said yes to working that night I did a happy dance? I did. I cannot wait. And who knows. Maybe this winter I’ll take my lame ass and sign up for that class with Michelle L’Amour’s studio like I keep threatening to do.


Ok, my cat won’t stay away from my screen. He’s waiting for me to go to bed. And I think I should.


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