Me in a nutshell. Or at least a cracked one.



I’m starting over.

It’s been three years since I’ve posted here so I figured it was time my “About” changed.

This blog used to be my outlet for my issues with MS, and the issues my son was facing as a teen growing up with Aspergers. Add a touch of pop culture and there you have it.

I stepped away from writing it due to the fact that I started to feel uncomfortable sharing my feelings with people publically. Funny, this coming from someone whose life aspiration has been to be a published author. I still write, but rarely. The MS took hold the last couple of years and I’ve had one setback after another. It’s changed me in many ways I least expected, in other ways I’m still sticking my head in the sand.

A brief about me if you’re new here: Frustrated writer who lives inside their head way too often. Mother of two: one with Aspergers and one who is just entering their teen years.  Music geek. I own more books than a person should be allowed. I also own more cats than a person should be allowed. Not budging on either of those.

While the MS is still a main part of why I’m writing this blog, why I’m coming back to it, I’m coming in to also talk about the severe Anxiety/Social anxiety problems that I’ve been suffering the last couple of years. How the problems of my childhood that I’ve repressed/ignored have been taking root in my head and my current life in a manner that I’ve become unable to progress with any dreams I’ve ever held.

It won’t all be doom and gloom. After all there’s music to discuss, and have you watched GLOW yet? You must.

My head is still and will always be in the stars. My feet try to float up to meet the stars but something keeps pulling them back to the ground. Maybe some day I’ll get there.


One response to “Me in a nutshell. Or at least a cracked one.

  1. Love your wit and humor!
    Much that I can identify with — insomnia , anxiety and definitely the wine! As a matter of fact…
    I was writing an article about that very subject i and had written the phrase “wine at the end of every tunnel” for some reason googled it and found your blog–Did I mention that it is currently 2am and I can’t sleep?
    Always too much in my head
    I will keep checking back
    Keep up the good work and watch out for that bastard David Bowie!

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