Me in a nutshell. Or at least a cracked one.

So I lied. Maybe I can write about myself in two paragraphs. I decided what I had up before gave away too much, and frankly it felt silly.

Who I am:

A frustrated writer who has spent 20 years with MS, someone who has gone through some horrible experiences in life and never gave up. I have never used those experiences as a crutch for pity, however now I find they make for decent stories.

I’m a dreamer who once wanted to set the world on fire. I still do but I haven’t been able to find the matches.

I’ve seen a lot, I’ve done a lot and most of it I make absolutely zero apologies for. I don’t believe I’m perfect, I don’t think anyone should be perfect. In fact if you have faults I’ll like you a lot more.

I have two kids. My oldest has been through hell the last few years and he’s the one I find myself wanting to write the most about. He constantly amuses me with the silly and stupid things he does. In the end he’s the one I find myself needing to protect from the world a bit too much, at a time when I should be letting him find his way in it.

I have strong opinions and a self-deprecating nature, sometimes I will put my foot in my mouth. Actually I do that a lot, especially when wine has been involved.

I know way too much about pop culture. I have an odd knack for being able to recognize a character actor in a movie or show and tell you every obscure thing they’ve been in. This confounds my husband on a daily basis.

Despite my strong opinions I don’t dislike that much. I think people are too picky nowadays. Once I became older and sicker I stopped letting little things bother me. Too many other things I’d rather do. However I do often become annoyed with people rather then things.

I stay friends with pretty much all of my ex’s. They’re all good people.

I have an overwhelming desire to go back to Europe but I can’t even make it from Chicago to New Hampshire in a plane without an anxiety attack.

I am abnormally fascinated by the moon and the ocean. But like I said I hate to fly, and I’m terrifed of sharks. I also hate heights. Several years ago I had a dream I was married to David Bowie and he pushed me off a balcony. That bastard.

I’m a music geek, but not a music snob.

I still think I was born in the wrong decade. Paris in the 20’s would have been nice.

I own more books then a human being should be allowed to. I obsess about authors like some people obsess about celebrities. I have a tendency to collect writers as friends. It’s becoming a bad habit. One of my best friends is a writer as well. I like Neil Gaiman a bit too much.

Someday I’m hoping I will write something that touches someone, makes someone think, and maybe someone else want to make a change. I am still hoping one day to write a novel. When I have spare time.

In the meantime I’ll just continue to write what I hope you find interesting here in this space.



One response to “Me in a nutshell. Or at least a cracked one.

  1. Love your wit and humor!
    Much that I can identify with — insomnia , anxiety and definitely the wine! As a matter of fact…
    I was writing an article about that very subject i and had written the phrase “wine at the end of every tunnel” for some reason googled it and found your blog–Did I mention that it is currently 2am and I can’t sleep?
    Always too much in my head
    I will keep checking back
    Keep up the good work and watch out for that bastard David Bowie!

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