Hello, It’s Me

This is just a brief hello. A hey, I've been away for three weeks and I'm sorry.

I was on vacation. With my husband's family. Out East. For ten days. It was interesting. It was a wonderful trip, don't get me wrong. It's just stressful to be with 9 other people in one house for a long period of time. Especially when you're introvert personified.

I have so much to say. So much to tell you. Both of my kids have had birthdays. One is a year shy of 21. One heading into Junior High in two weeks. I've had a lot of personal breakthroughs the last two or so weeks. Some of which I can't explain. They've just happened.

I saw and experienced things. Let myself try to be happy when I was out east. We were in Maine for a week and apparently Maine agrees with me. I'd never been there before until last week.

Last night I had the chance to finally, FINALLY, see one of my absolute favorite singer/artists ever. A long story short: Nearly 17 years of trying to get tickets to his shows has resulted with each and every one sold out within minutes. Some I couldn't attempt due to oh, maybe childbirth. But hey, this time I lucked out and it was one of those times my husband said "Get them, we'll figure out who takes the kid later" situations. And that day, I lucked out. Last night I saw him. He closed with my favorite song in the world. The one song that turns me into a weeping, freaking mess. The spouse turned to me when it started and said "You're so happy, aren't you?" I was. It made my freaking world last night.

The story I've been working on for two years. The one I've come back to off and on, that upsets me, I based the main male character on a combination of a couple different artists I've admired. He's one of them. Last night made me realize I need to rewrite some things. Though this has been a suspicion for a while now. There are parts I'm no longer comfortable with. At times I want to scrap the whole damn thing and rewrite it. It frightens me because I have about 20K words written. Maybe more. Again, I've been trying to work on research for another project so I've forsaken this one. Though, personally, it means more to me. Which maybe, is why I don't give it more of my time.

It frightens me. It's too close to me.

I'm going to stop here. It's been a long couple weeks. Especially a long two days and I need sleep. I just didn't want to keep this page so quiet.

I'll explain the rest in the next few days.



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