Where Is my Mind

I’m here, I’m there. I’m everywhere.

Influences far and abroad have brought me to who I am. I try to come to some sort of rectification as to who and what I am.

There are artists who have brought me to these points there are also situations that I have tried to explain away and though that in this world I grew up within there is no out. There is no explanation. You just exist as they taught you to.

Only, I refused to do such that.

I found my solace in artists like Rickie Lee Jones. Whom my father inadvertently introduced me to when I was 12. I was TWELVE. However between Rickie and Todd Rundgren , and the artist such as Queen and so many others I grew up within the 70’s/ 80’s  I found a way to survive.

There’s so much I could elaborate on, but I’m tired. I’m angry. I was asked tonight why I don’t talk to a certain sibling and I couldn’t explain this without shrugging. Shrugging with little conviction.

I want to love them. I of course do, but they’ve hurt me, they’ve hurt themselves. And here, I quit.


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