The Learning Curve

The holidays are over(thank god). The new year is upon us(may it be better for all of us). And the world is still spinning.

In the last few weeks I’ve stayed silent. And busy. I had Christmas to contend with, travel to my in-laws(where I probably had the chance to see the only snow I’ll see all winter-apparently snow does NOT like Chicago) and I’ve been in a very reflective and positive mood.

I’ve also had a big mouth. Apparently I’ve decided to be something of an expert at everything lately. And I think I’ve pissed a few people off that are close to me. Sorry. Just feeling a bit more annoying than normal.

Break is over and the kids are back in school. I’m furiously trying to avoid the plague that is roaming the country even if it means I avoid all people and things for the next two months.

I’ve also decided that this place needs to lighten the hell up. J keeps trying to convince me that I really need to write critiques on tv shows and movies. I’ve had many career interests over the many years I’ve been on this earth that include: forensic psychologist, dancer, actress, writer(duh), salon owner, entrepreneur, and also tv critic. Yeah, no joke to the last one. I think I’d be rather good at it. And now that television is no longer the wasteland it used to be, with amazing and intelligent shows being showcased I would love to have the chance to write about them.

Now, before you start reading this and thinking I’m a snob. I’m not. Oh hell no I’m not. I have very little snobbishness in my body. I’m open-minded to just about everything out there. I can love Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Doctor Who. Though about 12 years ago to say such a thing would be a travesty(at this point of course we’re citing the older Doctor Who’s in this). I can find the touching and hilarious in a How I met your Mother episode, yet call out a small part of my (favorite) show Sherlock for something I thought unrealistic.  Keep in mind, I’m in love with Sherlock(the show not the character, I’m a bit more in crush on John then Sherlock) and completely distressed that it won’t be back for another year. This is an absolute disgrace if you ask me. How could they do this to me? To umm.. us?

So along with the every once in a while really depressing and introspective pieces I think I’m going expound a bit more on what my interests really are. And I’m going to write some reviews on the shows I love.




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