A long week

I’m just saying hi.

I spent over a week in the mountains with my husband, my youngest kid, and my inlaws. It was fun, beautiful and exhausting. The mountains were gorgeous, the house was gorgeous, and we ate and drank like heathens. I keep threatening to detox for the week but then I remembered I have two weeks left until summer break ends and the kids go back to school. At that point I’ll have to have a weekday clause of “no drinking”. Well, maybe. Most of the time at least. I know that getting my son, an about to be Freshman, out the door before 7 am means an early start for me the first few weeks, so that means I need all my brain cells functioning and 8 hrs of sleep accomplished.

I’m truly exhausted. I’m happy to be home. My cats are beyond THRILLED we are home. Though bringing the dog back home, I can’t say they feel the same. I think they were secretly happy she was gone. They had this “Oh Shit” response when we came back from picking her up from my friend Jess’s house. However, our(My) cat Wally has been attached to me at the hip all day and meows from over the railing with his head hanging over, periodically throughout the day to express his joy we(I) are(am) home.

This morning I killed a wasp in my house. My orkin dude was in the neighborhood and swung by. I like him. Seriously. He’s awesome. I’ve had him for two summers. Then 20 minutes after he leaves Charlie screeches from his room because he discovers a huge(I thought it was monstrous, later I was proven wrong) wasp on his wall. We shut the door and ran. Took two hrs but Orkin Jim came back again(did I mention I love this guy?), found the bastard and killed it. He also showed me all the possible ways it could have come in. However, C mentioned to him that he was at his dad’s family cottage in Wisconsin over the weekend and they were all over the place. He came home last night and didn’t open his backpack until this morning. Orkin Jim said yes the bastard probably hitched a ride inside with Charlie. Oh LOVELY. 

Thankfully he reassured me they won’t travel in packs and that was probably the only hitchhiker. However, knowing all the wasps we have outside and screen issues I’ve informed/gently asked Josh that we take care of/secure all areas around the house this weekend to make sure no more of these jerks make it in again. Two in one day was too much for me.

Did I mention I had to go get Charlie clothes at one point(he was in pajamas) so I armed myself with a can of scrubbing bubbles and went into his room very, VERY, carefully? Highlight of my day.

I worked on a couple of pieces up in New Hampshire but really the in and out and the amount of people up there was too much, and I had the concentration of a gnat. Hopefully being inside all week to escape the impending heat will help me a bit this week.

Don’t be surprised if by this weekend three posts pop up at once!

Over and out, I’m freaking exhausted. And two weeks of True Blood in 24 hours is making me want to cleanse my eyes and brain cells.



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