Tonight, anything goes

I’m trying really hard to come up with something really amazing and thought-provoking to write tonight.

I keep coming up with nothing. The week has been long, the overwhelming heat has returned, and I’m sitting here drinking Trader Joe’s wine out of a tiny paper cup decorated with flamingos. I’m that cool.

I have two better posts in the works but my brain cells have been depleted, once again, by the ridiculous heat. Mother nature seems to have it in for us this summer. And my MS has gone on strike. Or rather the MS that usually hangs out in the background minding its own business has gone on strike, from being boring. It’s being a brat. That’s the only way to describe it.

However, today I had to say goodbye to my son as he drove off with his father for ten days. We’re heading out of town for our summer sojourn with the inlaws out east. This is somethingj we do every year. Usually we end up on the seacoast, tomorrow however I get to reside in the mountains for several days. And I have to say I’m crazy excited about this. I’ve been to the mountains once before, but this was in Denver well over 20 years ago.

That’s actually a pretty strange story, and one I forget about from time to time. Someday I’ll write about my my brief time living out there but not tonight. I will say this, that one experience in the mountains was a camping trip with several other people. The next morning I was the first person to awake so I pulled on my shoes and headed out of the tent. I was drawn to the giant white peaks that loomed up ahead of me through the rising sun and the parting fog. I found myself walking down a small mountain and up one that was much bigger. I walked up it a short while and found myself looking out over a beautiful forest. I stayed there for a while until I noticed the rest of the campers awaking.

This is still one of my favorite memories ever. Even if the night before I did accidentally take a punch in the face meant for someone else. Again, a story for another time.

Tomorrow we leave crazy early, without my son this time. I’m sad to be away from him because this summer is the first summer he hasn’t gone with us, and he’s spent so much time with his father already that I feel as if I’ve barely seen him. As much as he drives me insane, I love the kid something fierce.

Esme is my just turned 6 yr old, I’ve never mentioned her here before. She’s a little spitfire with light brown hair, big green eyes and a little grouping of freckles that spreads out across both cheeks and her nose. It’s one of my favorite parts of her. She’s a great combination of both her father and I. Which means she’ll be very artistic and also extremely stubborn. The cups with the flamingos? Leftovers from her Hawaiian birthday party. I figure they have to be used at some point or another.

Anyways, I’m heading out and I’m sure I’ll be touching up the other two pieces I’m working on between a two-hour flight and then a four-hour drive up to the mountains. Or I’ll be counting the minutes until I can unpack and have a drink. Flying usually stresses me out. As Josh put it tonight to friends, that’s a gross understatement. He’s usually lucky if he walks off a plane without his hand broken because of me.

Hopefully I’ll be posting one or two of those writings via my cell phone(be kind if there are misspellings, I don’t type well on my iPhone) within the next few days!

Oh and a VERY big shout out and thank you to a wonderful woman and an incredible friend, Jessica! She has the heart of a saint and she offered to take my crazy dog for the week while we’re gone. I owe her a million! And not only that but she reminded me I forgot about my cats and offered to come in and feed them while we’re gone. If she hadn’t said anything I’m afraid of what we’d have found when we returned. Which would make me sad.

So until I can find a way to post again, au revoir!!




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