A Heat Wave

This will be short and sweet. Well maybe not.

I haven’t posted the last few days due to the holiday, the kids being obnoxious and the 103 average a day weather here in Chicago.

It’s been hot. Ha. That’s an understatement right now. Chicago is sweltering and roads are buckling due to this record breaking heat.

I hate the heat. I hate summer(I’ve mentioned this before).

What I hate is that I’m not a complainer when it comes to my MS. I rarely complain , I will suck it up and endure even when my legs are tired and I don’t feel myself. I hate annoying people.

This week however I have been brought to my whiny knees. I’ve experienced brain fog- twice this week I dropped my purse or left it in a cart and walked away. Both times nothing was stolen. Which is amazing. But the experiences shook me.

To add to this I’m exhausted . I can’t accomplish anything. Leaving the house just plain sucks.

The last two days my legs are sore and resemble jello. They’ve gone on freaking strike. Last night they hurt so bad I cried half the night. Today I found myself complaining on Facebook about it all. I don’t ever do that.

This heat is an unforgiving bitch.

Thankfully my friends are awesome( one took my 6 yr old for a few hrs) and my husband told me I’m allowed to go on strike until this heat abates. Add another great reason as to why I married this man.

I have 4 blog posts going in my head . The dam has broke open. Give me a couple days in the 80’s and I’ll be back.



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4 responses to “A Heat Wave

  1. So sorry about the pain, Jen. Is there anything you can take to help get you through it?

  2. Not much Gina. Right now I’ve just been trying to stay cool by not going anywhere. Even cleaning the house was exhausting. I wasn’t sleeping well because of the heat, and because of the heat my legs were in agony. The week had just been rough. I’ve been popping a lot of advil and at night a glass of wine often took the edge off.

    I know that it’s starting to cool down outside. Though apparently me edge of Chicago is the last to experience that as it’s still about 90 out there. This week will feel like spring when it’s low 80’s.

  3. Cristin

    Sorry you are suffering, Jen. Must be very hard.

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