The Last Person to start a Blog.

I would say that would be me, but apparently it’s not me as I’m sitting here pounding out words on my keyboard.(This has been edited so I can open this blog up to other human beings. Mainly the ones who might possibly share my blood type).

I still have no idea why I’m doing this. Or rather, why I’m so frightened of putting my voice out there for everyone to hear. I’ve been writing ever since I can remember. As a kid writing short stories(many of them fictionalized accounts of what I believed to be the truth) and poetry was more interesting to me then playing soccer. As I grew up that writing manifested into odd lists. I guess you could say I was a bit OCD with listmaking. To this day my mother still references them in conversation. Which is very odd, I know.

Over the years I loved to write, I would write anything I could. I had no formal education post high school. I spent years working odd and very demeaning jobs(hello Assistant manager position at Pier One). It wasn’t until much later in my early 30’s that I met a group of rabid music geeks, who were much like myself, and we formed this really oddball music zine. And I wrote for that. And to show you how oddball it was(and shortlived) I can’t remember the name of it. Although a review I did of the Vines first album still gets brought up every so often because of my comparison of the lead singer’s mental state to a bag of cheetos. So there’s that.

Not long after that point I lost my thrill for writing. A longtime illness(MS) that I’ve had was rearing its ugly head and one of the unfortunate side effects is that you frequently lose your train of thought. So stories that I would begin would be lost a few pages in because suddenly I couldn’t remember what I was trying to accomplish. My brain is full of so many unfinished projects that I think it may one day overload. Some of these are probably not worth the time however I think at least one of them has the possibility of being spectacularly unorganized.

The few things I’ll throw out there for you before I sign off on this first post, things that I hope will entice you to come back and read me further: 1) My life was not a picnic. I know, whose is? Mine definitely wasn’t. 2) I’ve had my share of freakish traumas that could have either caused me to go off the deep end or gave me the strength to keep going. I chose the latter. I’ll eventually try to touch on each of them, or some of them, as this continues 3) I’m a music and pop culture geek with a brain that can retain info that intelligent people should not be able to 4) I don’t always like people. In fact I’ve often decided I’d choose to live with my cats rather then my family if given the choice.

Oh and number 5) I Love wine. Hence the title. Because as I said the other day to a friend, “at the end of the day with life it’s the wine at the end of the tunnel that keeps some of us mothers going”. And Voila! A blog name was born.

And that’s the End of the Story.




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3 responses to “The Last Person to start a Blog.

  1. Cristin

    I love it, Jen. Can’t wait to read more.

  2. erin

    More, more, more! I’d write that latin phrase for “in the wine there’s truth” but I can’t remember it. Vino Veritas? Something like that? That would be a good name for a blog, too!

  3. Looking forward to more…intrigued.

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